About the Artist

HELEN HOY is a Canadian artist who has been painting since 2001. In 2012 she turned from university teaching to pursue art full time. She has studied with such artists as Hubert Haisock, John Climenhage, Gordon Mackenzie, Douglas Purdon, and Michael Haykin, recently completing a workshop with Christopher Volpe, at the Truro Centre for the Arts, Massachusetts. Her sketch “Rafting the Coal River” has appeared in Rendezvous with the Wild, ed. James Raffan, and her watercolour, “Flight Path” provided the cover art for Thomas King’s A Short History of Indians in Canada. “Interlude,” a knife-work oil painting, is featured on the cover and as the frontispiece for Thomas King’s The Back of the Turtle and “Georgian Bay 3” on his poetry collection 77 Fragments. Her work has been shown twice at Renann Isaacs Contemporary Art, at Silence (both in Guelph), at the 2016, 2018,  and 2019 Insights show in the Wellington County Museum, as well as on the Guelph Studio Tour from 2017 on. Her studio is located at 28 Douglas Avenue, Guelph, Ontario, with paintings found in private collections in Canada and the United States.